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Kanguro Boutique

The shop was founded in Florence in 1994 in the heart of Florence.Our experience in all these years is to share a passion for the artisanal work and to appreciate the high quality of materials. We use the best tanned leather from the Italian tanneries.The brand we have are 100% designed made in Italy.Every bag and accessory is manufactered exclusively in Italy starting from meticulous research and selection of high quality.

Boldrini Selleria

 Tuscan craftsmanship and leather of excellence. Every bag is one of a kind ,like those who wear it.

Authentic, original quality protected and preserved since 1955.


100% handcrafted in Italy using aerospace materials such as carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum.Carbon fiber is a latest generation multi-axial fabric,with boats the best stiffness and streght properties with respect to low density,minimum thickness and lightness.
The use of titanium allows their cases to as strong as steel at a fraction of the weight. Their bags also feature Alcantara accents for a luxorious feel and look.